Brass Tack’s private dining areas exude a captivating ambiance with its blend of vintage charm and striking elements. The dining rooms offer guests a private, sophisticated, and elegant setting overlooking the Gold Coast’s lively streets from the Waldorf Astoria’s third floor.

Discover the Unmatched Elegance of The Gallery Salon at Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Experience sheer elegance and sophistication in our premier private dining room, The Gallery Salon. Located in the heart of the prestigious Gold Coast, this exquisite venue offers breathtaking views of the Waldorf Astoria’s French-inspired courtyard and the vibrant Walton Street. Perfectly suited for receptions, meetings, and large seated dinners, The Gallery Salon boasts high ceilings, magnificent chandeliers, and lavish wood paneling, providing the ideal backdrop for your special occasion.

Introducing The Walton Room: An Enclave of Refined Charm and Style

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined charm and style within the exclusive Walton Room. Situated in the distinguished Brass Tack location, this private dining space offers sweeping upscale Rush Street shopping district vistas. Indulge in intimate dinners for thirty, lavish receptions, or unforgettable celebrations as The Walton Room envelops you in an ambiance of luxury and class, setting the stage for your perfect occasion.

Experience Unparalleled Sophistication in the Peacock Lounge

Discover the sophisticated oasis of the Peacock Lounge, nestled just off the elegant lobby of Waldorf Astoria Chicago. Adorned with opulent decor and offering an exquisite view, this exceptional venue promises to elevate your private event experience. Whether you’re hosting a reception, cocktail event, or a standing-room affair, the Peacock Lounge provides the perfect ambiance for your unforgettable gathering.

Uncover the Hidden Gem of Bernard’s: A World of Exquisite Cocktails and Charm

Step into a world of sophistication and exclusivity at Bernard’s, a hidden gem on our second floor. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of elegance as you and your esteemed guests revel in impeccable service and exceptional offerings. Bernard’s is the epitome of class, offering an ideal space for receptions, cocktail events, or standing-room affairs, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

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