The Brass Tack’s newly designed private dining areas exude a captivating ambiance with its blend of vintage charm and striking elements. The dining rooms offer guests a private, sophisticated, and elegant setting overlooking the Gold Coast’s lively streets from the Waldorf Astoria’s third floor.

The Walton Room and Gallery Salon are perfect for hosting intimate dinners, sophisticated receptions, and unforgettable celebrations. Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, the restaurant is approachable and well-known, making it easily recognizable.

The menu features dishes and sides that pay homage to traditional cuisine but with a unique Chicago twist. The restaurant also boasts a robust beverage program that includes modern cocktails and a celebration of wine. Overall, The Brass Tack is a premier American restaurant offering an unparalleled dining experience in the heart of Chicago’s most luxurious neighborhood.

For additional information, please contact [email protected] or call 312.646.1324.
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